Our mission at Monkfish Productions is to nurture artists through creative interventions in new and unusual spaces.  We work through the arts to collaborate with a wide range of communities, and to support individuals to unlock their creative potential.



Augmented Reality:


a new audio work made for walking



(part of our Producing Place programme)

As part of our Producing Place programme, Monkfish is really excited to share the news that we have just commissioned this exciting new work inspired by the physical environment.


Augmented Reality is a new audio work by Jayne Dent (also known as Me Lost Me) written to accompany the listener through liminal spaces, actively encouraging the interruption of sounds and impressions from the environment around the listener to ‘finish assembling’ the piece:  


You are invited download the sound and to take it for a walk. 


It embraces zoning out and distraction as much as it encourages us to notice things more vividly, the traffic, birds and other environmental sounds and sights that greet us at the bus stop or on our walks.  The piece is in part inspired by the practice of building grottos and follies; superficial and decorative buildings and augmentations to the landscape by wealthy landowners which give the illusion of a history that is not present, sometimes already built in a romantic ‘ruined’ state. 

The audio work is accompanied by a lino print which acts as both a graphic performance score and word-cloud, titled “Augmented reality part one (part two is around you)”. 

So why not download the sound from HERE, take a walk and make part two happen for you.




A Little Bit of Good in The World is a new project exploring ways in which we can all stand together to do and share our own bits of good in the world where we work and where we live.


Like everyone else we are adjusting to the circumstances under CV-19, exploring our virtual world and thinking about what our 'new world' is going to look like as we emerge from lockdown.


We are still here, still thinking, talking, making and creating, and we would love to hear from you. We also have some exciting projects in the pipeline which we will be posting about here soon.
But in the meantime....
Stay home.  Stay safe.  Stay well. 


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