7 October 2020 

Maya Angelou said: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


With the world in disarray right now, and arts and culture as a sector balancing precariously on a cliff edge, it would seem strange that as an arts organisation Monkfish has experienced the busiest 6 months that we have seen in a long time.


We started lockdown March 2020 as largely cancelled; cancelled projects, cancelled workshops and events.  But within just a few short months we have managed to turn our fortunes around.  So how did we manage it?


Here’s how:


Our dedicated Board of Trustees and Artistic Director adapted to the current situation, seizing the moment as the potential for change and opportunity.


Our amazing community partners stayed with us on the journey and came up with some wonderfully creative – and safe - ideas about how we could all keep working together.


Arts Council England helped us to navigate unprecedented uncertainty.  Thanks to their support we have been able to recruit a superb creative team who are helping us to develop and deliver our projects, and envision our future as an organisation, in ways we could have not even have imagined 6 months ago!


We have kept our eye on the future; future ideas for working with artists in places and spaces, for working with young people as active citizens, and for using arts and creativity as forces to effect positive change.


In times of deepest, darkest despair, where do many of us find solace? In that song, that piece of music, that poem, that comedy show, that film: and never more so than now.  The adversities we are all facing today are asking of us that we come up with ever more inventive ways to create, connect, think and play our part as citizens in this uncertain world.


As Maya Angelou points out, creativity is the gift that keeps on giving.



Claire Murphy-Morgan

Artistic Director October 2020


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