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Claire Murphy-Morgan


Artistic Director


I co-founded Monkfish because I wanted to create opportunities where artists from a variety of disciplines could collaborate and make new work, and in doing so generate audiences for this approach.  As a practising artist myself, I was frustrated in 2007 by the lack of opportunities in the North East of England to do that.  So with the support of many great people, I set the ball rolling.  I have over 20 years of professional experience in arts and cultural management.  


Susan Coles




I am a visual arts and creativity adviser and consultant, an artist, creative coach and active advocate for visual arts in education. A past president of NSEAD and a world councillor for INSEA, I am also secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design in Education.




Professor Mark Wetherell
I am a Professor of Psychobiology registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a Health Psychologist. I am a specialist in the psychobiological causes and consequences of stress. A lot of my research concerns exploring the psychobiological pathways through which psychological (e.g., stress) and behavioural (e.g., illicit drug use, lifestyle) can lead to deleterious effects on aspects of health, well-being and performance.  In other words, how stress gets inside the body and why it has different effects on different people.  I have been working with Monkfish Productions in developing #PsyFeedback: a new psychobiological response to live performance. 


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