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Broadacre House , where Monkfish is currently based, is the home for charities, social action and creativity in the heart of Newcastle. It is a unique space blending working for positive social change with a creative thread and a collaborative way of working. Broadacre House is a meanwhile (temporary) project, turning an empty office block into a thriving community space. It offers affordable office, meeting, coworking, event and exhibition spaces for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

The Broadacre House project is coming to an end, as a meanwhile project – using an empty building until it was needed for commercial use – we all knew we would need to leave one day. 

But before we went we wanted to record the sounds and voices of the building and in our week-long "Sound Level" project, tenants and users of the building will be working with sonic and visual artists and practitioners to archive, document and celebrate the building's time as a community hub.


This initiative was jointly supported by the artists themselves, Broadacre House and Monkfish Productions CIC.


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