On Thursday 12 October 2017 from 7pm - 9pm on the Third Floor of Broadacre House, and on the eve of TUSK Festival 2017 at Sage Gateshead, Monkfish Productions CIC  presented "feedback" - an evening of sonic responses to Broadacre House in Newcastle as the culmination of "Sound Level".

The evening included:

* Basic House, who gave a performance around a historic narrative of Broadacre: "every building is a grave in time"

* Brb Voicecoil who  performed "fabric" - breathing life into the condemned vessel following a 4 - day artistic residency at Broadacre House.


* James Watts -in his Dolmen Dweller guise where he communicated with the latent acoustic properties of Broadacre House, channeling them from throughout the building into one location to perform “Resonant Entities”


Chlorine is the work of local artist Graeme Hopper. Chlorine performed "Building Glue" a piece constructed from digesting the external atmosphere of Broadacre House thus turning the building inside out.....


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